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Somerset College
Bill's Publications

News and Media on line

ABC Online


Broadbeach State Primary School, Queensland, Australia
oz-TeacherNet Home

Intellectual stuff

Somerset Creative Writers' club
Chess: "ICoN Homepage"

Making money

Recruitment consultants, job and training sites

Mitsui Computer Price Lists
StockWatch Lite Home Page
Australian Share prices in real time from OzEmail StockWatch
Morgan & Banks - Employment, Jobs...
Phoenix Contracting Pty. Ltd. Australia


Have a peek at the really real world

Race Around The World Home Page
Walking Tours
Alpine Guides - Technical Mountaineering Course
Alpine Guides - Technical Mountaineering Course
Snow skiing in Australia - includes accommodation, snow reports, conditions reports, shops
Mountaineering, Climbing New Zealand ASPIRING GUIDES
Queensland Bushwalking Home Page
Adventure Plus
NOVA Online | Alive on Everest

Social Topology

Trends and opinions without measure

The Definitive Biblical No Comment(ary)
Technology Refusal And The Organizational Culture Of Schools, 2.0
Banned Books On-line
The Bible According to Eli - Warning!!I

Scienceand Mathematics stuff

Tall tales and true from the real world

Mathematical News
The Natural History of Genes - A science education tool for teachers, students and families
The Human Transcript Map
Bill's Publications
Design of Swensen Sundial
SAA Home Page

Key Learning Areas

Sites to help with the key learning areas

Computer stuff

Sites that have software and tips about computers


World Wide web, email etc stuff

Acceptable Computer Use Policy
Somerset HTML teach yourself stuff
HTML: Teach Yourself HTML
Australian Internet Registry

Netware stuff

Novell software and tips

Pegasus Mail by David Harris
Pegasus Mail - Official Site For Scandinavia: Main Page
Pegasus Mail - Scandinavia: Mercury
Novell Support Connection

Unix stuff

For those who want to use a real operating system

Windows stuff

Sites that have Windows 3,95 and NT software and tips

FirstClass Mail and Intranet stuff
Stuff Windows should have had to start with
Gottfried's Homepage
Video Drivers for windows
FileMaker Pro Stuff
Windows School Connection 32-bit Shareware Collection
Windows 95 Security Applications

Mac stuff

Sites that have Mac software and tips

FirstClass Mail and Intranet stuff
FileMaker Pro Stuff
Technical Resource: Latest SoftWindows 95 1.0 Update
Scripting Examples
AppleShare IP 5.0
Royal Software Program Index
Public Mailing Lists on
Extending WebSTAR Page
AppleScript Finder Guide (AS Finder)
TopSoft Home Page
Inside Macintosh

New Folder