Hello! my name is Bill Taylor




Pass times in order of preference

  1. Cross country skiing, including ski touring and having a Guiness after a long hard skate. I really like the cold country

  2. Bushwalking, or wilderness experiences, especially canyoning and in general in Oz and overseas, particularily in Nepal and South America, the harder the better... on the other hand the older the wiser.

  3. Thinking about deep things like relativity, How long a day is and how to work my video player. "Explanations should be as simple as possible but never simpler." Albert Einstein

  4. Listening to classical music and reading books and...

  5. Writing things

  6. Fine dining and wining and then feeling remorse over the cost of it all.

  7. Surfing, it used to be way up there on top...


From the opium of custom to the ledgers of extremes
life is never what it should be and seldom what it seems.

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