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each WWW page consists of a single TEXT file, they are written using "Hypertext Mark Up Language" (HTML) which is easy to learn since you can View the Source of any document you are on (this is especially useful when you are on the internet). We also have a beginners manual for HTML to help you learn and a summary of advanced HTML features for when you become competent.

One word of warning though, all HTML documents are "TEXT" files, not Word, not ClarisWorks. However EVERY Word processing program has an option save documents as Text files, so a simple one, such as the one Netscape is set to use when you view a source document, is adequate.

WWW pages can contain pictures, these must be in Compuserve GIF format. If you use Adobe Photoshop to scan or edit pictures and then change them to "Indexed colour" format... (its in one of the menus... just look) you can save them as GIF files, there is also a GIF converter program. We can also use our electronic camera to feed images straight into the computer. Another word of warning: Pictures take a lot of memory, so the smaller the file the better as large files take a long time to download over a phone line on the internet, people are more likely to get bored waiting for it to arrive and move on.

Make your own "Home page"

Pages on the internet are written in Hyper Text Mark Up Language (HTML). HTML is very easy to use and learn, just look at the SOURCE of a document you are viewing in NETSCAPE's Edit menu to see what had to be typed to show produce the document you are viewing.

If you make a quality home page...

...then we will include it amongst the Somerset College WWW student pages where anyone of the millions of people who surf the internet can learn about YOU... and consequently Nuke Australia, but we'll risk it if your page is good enough ...

How to get an Internet Account

The school cannot afford to give everyone regular access to the internet just yet so you will need your own account. You will also need a computer and a modem but the software is freely distributable. I have set up a text only link for one computer at a time during school hours (look in the network resources folder)

When you do get a connection you can email all and sundry, lots of people use this as a regular way to communicate. Why not design your own keyboard characters, they can help you to express yourself on email. For example [:{ or :) or ; ) or (:-) or for four eyes (8^) (hint look sideways at them!)

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