Club Booking
Our club booking system is designed for lodges and guest houses or groups of affiliated clubs. The project was developed for a private ski lodge, one of an affiliated group. It is different from an hotel booking system in that accommodation is arranged on a per bed as well as per room basis and rooms can be designated as shared or not.

The features of the club booking system include

  • The system is online, you do need a reliable internet connection, but it does not have to be particularly fast.
  • Members can logon to alter their details, they can check accommodation availability, make and adjust bookings and access their booking and payment history.
  • Availability of beds can be seen at various levels of information.
  • Simple or complex bookings can be made and edited by members as well as booking agents
  • Accommodation and payment history viewable by each member as well as for all members by management staff
  • Members of affiliated clubs and guests can be assigned different fee structures for different seasons.
  • Any number of seasons can be defined. Making new seasons for each year allows for a club history to develop.
  • Fee calculation minimises the price based on membership level and season, booking can be made across season boundaries and the booking agent can manually adjust a fee for a booking.
  • Lodge managers can define the rooms, the number of beds in each room and weather a room is available for one booking at a time or, as in the case of a bunk room, for multiple bookings.
  • The booking and fee rules can be adjusted by the managers or overridden by them on a case by case basis.
  • Levies for bookings can be added (for example a room cleaning levy).
  • There is a member subscription and as well as the booking payment recording system.
  • A delayed card payment system is utilised so that bookings can be adjusted by bookers without having to reverse bank transactions, A unique encoded email payment system is also available or a direct to bank payment portal can be integrated into the system.
  • There is a letter and email communication facility for managers to contact all or groups of members
  • An interaction system for recording ad hoc communications with members.
  • A ledger system for day to day expenses.
  • There is a fast production report facility, we can craft it quickly based on the information you have in the system, this is part of our service.
  • A document system for uploading or linking relevant information for members to view.
  • We can easily integrate the system into an existing web site or build a web site for you.
  • We can assist with importing your data into our system and exporting it out again and providing integration with other systems.
  • Our servers are attended 24/7 housed in a secure data centre with very fast internet access.
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