Simple online shopping with minimal infrastructure and unique security
iOrder has been in use since 1998 by several small companies in several industries. The concept is simple and secure and does not require many resources. A secure site is recommended but not essential and it can be built into an existing web site or hosted elsewhere and seamlessly integrated into your site.

iOrder operates using a simple to set up online store system with minimal checkout procedures and no customer registration required.

Basically this is how it works

  1. A customer selects items from various online store pages then goes to a checkout.
  2. The checkout displays the items ordered the customer then proceeds to payment.
  3. The customer fills in their delivery details and their credit card details.
  4. Once submitted the unique part of iorder occurs: The card number is encrypted with a unique algorithm, it is changed to a long string of digits and this is emailed to the store*. A confirmation copy without the encoded card details is sent to the customer.
  5. On receipt of the email the store uses either an offline decoder in the form of a Microsoft Word Document with a decode macro built in, or logs on to the iorder service and decodes the email there.
  • Even if a site is secure, when something is emailed from it that email is not secure so card numbers should not be sent openly in an email.
  • iOrder does not store the card number anywhere so hacking is harder, a hacker would have to have the email and access to your decoder.
  • The decoder is unique to each client so another iOrder client's decoder cannot decode your orders.
  • The orders are stored by you in your email program (or otherwise) and they are stored with the card number encoded so that someone would have to know how to decode them and also have access to your decoder.
  • iOrder can be integrated into more complex systems but in its basic form it does not require online databases or content management systems.
  • Part of the iOrder service is updates to your product range even if you do not have a content management system. You would send the changes to us and we would implement them. If you do have expertise or your site has a content management system then iOrder is designed so that adding changing your product range is simple.
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