Online Ordering
Shopping sites are very common on the web, they come usually as part of suite of applications on a web site, the ubiquitous "shopping cart" with a one process fits all approach. Often assumed secure, often not. Not too flexible and not to seamless.

We have been involved in on line stores since the 1990's, before secured sites yet still having to provide security. The techniques we developed then are still relevant and assist small business to take internet orders with minimal investment. For example wineries to movie theatres

Our systems involve encrypted email, online and offline databases, bank portals and combinations of these. We do this simply correctly and effectively.

A significant offering in this regard is a venture for independent Grocery stores we have launched as Grocers Online. We worked with IGA North Sydney for several years to develop an online shopping and communication service. and have modified the initial concept in the light of our experience to provide a management service for independent grocers that takes care of their online store and customer loyalty programs, without the need for them to develop expertise in internet technology.

We have developed wholesale grocery and other goods ordering and store visit and assessment software for CPTF and their associated business DFD Online

We have also developed sales and supply chain management software for a large international coorporation.

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