We create software and analyse logical and business systems

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Taylormade.com.au Pty Ltd also trading as Taylormade Software has been providing business analysis and software and networking solutions since the 1980s. Our solutions can be categorised into two types: solutions for a perceived market, we call these "projects" and solutions for specific client requirements called "custom solutions". There is overlap in these categories and the latter often creates an opportunity for the former.

With consideration for the privacy and commercial confidence of clients, this web site outlines some of the solutions we have developed in conjunction with clients or due to a perceived opportunity over the years. We enjoy complex logical challenges and working partnerships with designers , technology service providers and marketers to bring a product to fruition. Our experience is that providing an initial solution requires continuing engagement, providing advice and expanding the scope of project or software. We have a collaborative business ethos and have lasting relationships with clients, some for over a decade. We provide fast intelligent and timely service for a fair price.

Taylormade supports the open source community and have developed projects pro bono for various community service organisations and the general community.

Taylormade is based in Sydney Australia, but services clients throughout the world. Most of our work is done for mounting on or using the internet and we have been using this medium since 1995 for service deployment and development.

We partner with Wangnet and Better web Design as well as taking on independent projects and contracts.

The principal of Taylormade.com.au is Bill Taylor: One time teacher of in Mathematics and Information Technology at high school and university and a computer system manager, now a software developer, State Emergency Service volunteer, Telemark and skate skier, canyoner and mountaineer.