Mountaineering, an indulgence by Bill Taylor
Mountainerring is, on the face of it, a risky business. The challenge is to make good decisions in difficult circumstances, that may mean abandoning an attempt or waiting a week for the weather to clear. Always in one's mind should be that the climb is not over till you get down, the summit is just another possible turn around point. In this environment death is nature's admonishment that you have made an error. Everyone on a mountain is near or at their limit, senses dulled, reactions slowed, there is hardly ever a moment of triumph in one's heart even at the top, more a sense of relief back at the base. Mountaineering is a total focus event, it is a raw very real world from which one can draw mental and emotional strength.

There should be more stories than these, perhaps in time.

Kalipitar is a hill in the huge Everest ampitheatre, great views, the Dom Perignon 76 and dinner suit and one's man servant gives it a sense of occasion.