Custom Programming
On occasion we seek or are sought for commercial contracts to consult and or develop logical solutions fro business cases. Often a system has been built in house ad hoc to cope with business requirements and often these solutions are designed for function without too much regard for structure. Such solutions can quickly become maintenance nightmares with redundant information and much manual intervention independent of the core processes being modelled.

More often than not, such contracted work evolves into an ongoing relationship, the reason is that the simplification of procedures, the refocusing of process to the core business use that well structured software operating on a suitable medium can provide is of real and measurable value to a business. As business needs change a well structured system can be adapted to facilitate these changes, having initially demonstrated our ability to analyse a business case and often offer suggestions and to deliver the goods on time an on budget, we are usually retained to support and advise. We have had some clients for over a decade, some projects contracted as one year stop gap solutions that have been retained and expanded for over five years.