SES: State Emergency Service (of NSW)
The State Emergency service is a volunteer organisation that assists residents in times of storm, flood and tsunami and assists police and other agencies with road crash rescue and searches.

The SES provides a range of training courses including chain saw, search, navigation, flood boat operations, swift water techniques, storm and structural damage mitigation, communications amongst them as well as leadership and mentoring opportunities.

We have had members in Ku-ring-gai SES unit since 1998 and actively participate in community support and inter-unit activities in our area, throughout NSW and interstate when need arises.

To assist our unit we continue to develop an online member management system that records

  • membership details
  • attendance, training and operational hours
  • member accreditation
  • equipment
  • courses and learning progression
  • requests for assistance from the public
The system provides
  • A public and internal document and reference system
  • A customisable reporting system
  • A unit and general calendar system with associated comment recording
  • An SMS facility as well as personalised email and letter production facility to contact members
  • An automated SMS system linked to the public request system
This system is accessed through a Tools page which includes some general useful links relevant to the service.

This system is freely available to other units for free: contact us