The 'Loan arranger' is a calculator for determining the missing value for a loan given the other values.
Use this to double check or plan your financial commitments.

The calculator involves some advanced mathematical tools which may prove useful for advance high school senior mathematics and first year university students. Use 'view source' to see the formulae or email with questions

The Loan Arranger Hi Ho Ag

The Loan Arranger

Hi Ho Ag

This is a calculator to help you work out how much, how long and possibly how best to arrange a loan.

It is free to use and is self contained so you can download it to your computer.

The calculator uses "compound interest", that is; the interest you pay is based on the amount you currently owe, which is the fairest, by far the most common and unfortunately more mathematically complex way to work out what you owe.

The alternative method "Simple interest" is easier to calculate but it is not as fair. You pay interest based on how much you originally borrowed rather than how much you currently owe. Simple interest loans are illegal in some juristicions.

To use the calculator fill in all except one of the input boxes, select the Annual or Monthly options as required. When you have filled in all but one of the boxes the remaining value will be calculated and displayed to the right of the empty box.
You could also press the calculate button. All results are given to two decimal places except the number of repayments which is an integer.

There are soe reality and calculation checks in the system, so not all combinations of inputs will give a result.... but realistic ones will.

  • If you are calculating the number of repayments then it is most likely that the last loan payment will be less than the amount you specified. If so this "pay out" value is reported next to the number of repayments.
  • If you are calculating the residual, then it is not included in the total payments
  • Numbers you enter should use . as the decimal separator and should not include currency symbols or thousand separators
  • Although the currency display is dollars this is only for diaplay, the calculated result is for any currency convention.

Input type Your value Answer
next to empty input box
Interest Rate %
Payment $
Loaned Amount $
Repayments #
Residual $
Total of Payments
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