Volunteer Management
Volunteers contribute significantly to community services and the economy, they are increasingly recognised as a fundamental force in society.

Many organisations run volunteer programmes, these programmes require a significant commitment in budget, infrastructure, skills and time. Establishing a forum for volunteers and organisations to directly communicate can result in mismatched engagements and dissatisfaction on all sides due to matches not fully considered.

There are many community organisations whose role it is to attract and asses volunteers and volunteering opportunities, to match one against the other and make referrals. This approach is consistent, has a wide scope of candidates and opportunities and works far better than ad hoc self matching. As people move about the country, especially retirees, they often look for volunteering opportunities for a few months to experience the community they are staying in and add value to it and themselves.

Our Volunteer management system includes following features

  • It provides a conduit for volunteers and organisations with roles to register interest. This can be regionally, profession or event based.
  • Volunteers can be contacted and interviewed and their details appropriately annotated in a consistent manner
  • The system has a unique algorithm for determining a matching score for volunteers to roles and a different algorithm to match roles to volunteers
  • It has a comprehensive reporting system, our service will help the system mangers craft any possible report to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Volunteers referral and engagement histories are retained.
  • An auditable trail of volunteer and organisation interactions
  • Volunteers can be transferred from one system to another or sustain separate registrations in different systems
  • It contains a volunteer qualification recording system
  • A document and web link management system
  • A public current opportunities portal
  • It has a volunteer and an organisation communication facility where personalised messages can be crafted and sent as required by letter or email (or SMS with an additional service)
  • It integrates with your web site or we can build one for you
  • The system is online and housed on our servers at a commercial data centre.
  • Our system is suitable for one off events, recurrent events or community or corporate volunteer initiatives.
The subscribing centres include:
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